You and I need to hear this.

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Thoughts
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If you watch anything today, you need to see this. MacArthur sums it up beautifully. If you have time watch video #1 and #2. If you are short on time, skip ahead to 7:54 in this video. I was in tears as he spoke it. THIS is what Jesus did for His church.

Glory to God forever.

  1. john beward says:

    It was a great video by MacArthur who has been a awesome servant of God throughout my Christian walk. I have been to several conferences that he has held and he is one of the few that gives me God thumps when he says something so profound that it hits you like a truck.
    By the way thank you for Sunday. Joseph’s Lullaby brought my wife and I to tears. I have never heard it before and was blessed. I look forward to Christmas Eve Service.

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