Set List – FBC @ the Mall 01/03/10

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Worship Set Lists

This week we did familiar tunes because of the holiday week. We didn’t have a rehearsal before our early Sunday AM rehearsal, and it worked out wonderfully. Our good friends Kevin Schuck and Emily Dennis were home from school, and it was great to have them as part of the team again!

As I was preparing for this weekend’s service, I kept coming back to the idea of  wanting to begin the year focusing on what Christ accomplished for us at the cross. I think that will be apparent from the list:

All Because of Jesus – B (Fee)

Happy Day – B (Tim Hughes)

Marvelous Light (ver. 2 from Passion 07) – B (Charlie Hall and co.)

Beautiful the Blood – B (Fee)

Jesus Paid It All – B (w/ add. chorus by Alex Nifong)

Invitation: Mighty to Save – A (Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan)

Offertory: Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – F (Newton, w/ chorus by Tomlin, Giglio, et al.)

I think it turned out to be a fantastic morning. God is at work. It still felt like the entire congregation was still trying to shake off the holiday slump, but we’re getting there….

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  1. HL says:

    Bill, great set brother! It’s about time you post on Sunday Set Lists. Great flow of songs. Coffee soon or lunch at Chop Shop!


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