A Reason to Attempt to Exaggerate…

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Thoughts
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After our rehearsal tonight, I came away reminded of something I have frequently thought. You cannot exaggerate the greatness of God. You and I cannot find enough words, the right words, the perfect words, to summarize or describe the fullness of who God is. Words and thoughts will always fall short of comprehending the mystery, the wonder, the grace, and the mercy of God. There is a reason we sing “a new song” (Ps. 40). We keep trying to find a better way to tell of God’s greatness, and that’s a good thing. It requires meditation, and dwelling on who He is, to find a new way to attempt to brag on God and make His name higher than anyone else’s.

Take some time to try, in your heart and your mind, to exaggerate God’s greatness. You can’t do it. But try. Never stop trying.


  1. Terry Foote says:

    Bill, great thoughts! Check out my blog @ http://www.terryfoote.com. Add me to your blogroll, I’m going to link to your site on mine!

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