Here’s our set from this morning:

“God is Alive” [Steve Fee/Eddie Kirkland]
“All Because of Jesus” [Steve Fee]
“It is Well” [Horatio Spatford w/ add. chorus by Todd Fields]
“Beautiful the Blood” [Steve Fee]
“Jesus Paid It All” [trad. w/ add. chorus by Alex Nifong]
INV “Mighty to Save” [Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan]
“You’re the Only One” [original]

It was good to be back with the band and the church family today. I returned from vacation last night, and we jumped right back in this morning. It was a little bumpy, and my voice was pretty weak from not singing for almost a week and a half. However, I was really enjoying being back with the band, and we went after it this morning.

The song, “Beautiful the Blood” is one of my favorites, as it paints a great picture of contrasts between the beauty and pain of Christ’s suffering in our place. He gave us the most amazing gift! If you have not heard this song, you need to.

The highlight for me was how God orchestrated some of the planning. I recently finished the song, “You’re the Only One” (demo coming soon), and I noticed that Pastor Jay was going to be sharing about “Succeeding in Stinking Situations,” talking about walking with the Lord through the difficult times of trial. I really felt the need to wrap up the writing of the song because I thought it would fit really well with his message, and it did. It was almost scary how Jay, who had not heard the song yet, used some of the exact wording of the song’s lyric. God is so good, and He really works in spite of me. I love being a part of what He is doing, and how He moves me in my planning and preparation. Other than breaking a string on the new song, I thought it went really well, and the band did a great job making it feel right.

I hope you had a great day of worship wherever you were. God is at work!


p.s. be sure to check out Sunday Set Lists over at to see what other leaders and team members had to say about their services this week.

  1. Lori Biddle says:

    Nothing brings me greater joy then when our creative planning ‘somehow’ fits like a glove with the Pastor’s leading! We always have a general idea and theme – but those ‘perfect’ fits are far more than just coincidence!

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