I am in the process of finishing a new full-length album, and could use your help. Pre-order your digital album for $8 to help us finish the project quicker, and to secure one of the first copies of the finished product. Just click the link below, and make sure to note your mailing address and email address when making the payment.


Please email any questions to

I also have T-shirts for sale for $10.If you can arrange to pick a shirt up locally (Topeka), select the first T-Shirt option. If that is not possible, it is $5 for shipping and handling. If you so choose, you can get the T-Shirt and pre-order the CD for $16, or  and save yourself some money. The shirt can also be combined with the digital download pre-order for $16. Current available shirt sizes are S, M, L, and XL. We are currently sold-out of XXL. Please note your size in the notes on PayPal.

Again, please email us if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for your love and support!




DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRE-ORDER AND T-SHIRT (free shipping) ***$16***


BUY T-SHIRT (pickup only) ***$10***


BUY T-SHIRT (shipped) ***$15 ($10 + $5 shipping & handling)***



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