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Here are the song sets from all of our Advent services this year. It is always one of my favorite seasons of the year, as we celebrate how God is with us, and also anticipate how He is coming again for us! You can watch the messages and services here.

December 7 & 8, 2013

“Joy to the World” (G) [George Friedrich Handel, Isaac Watts, arr. by Bill Horn] 
“Lead Me To The Cross” (Bm) [Brooke Ligertwood]
“What Child Is This” (Em) [William Chatterton Dix, arr. by Bill Horn]
“O Come Let Us Adore Him” (D) [Matt Crocker, Autumn Hardman, C. Frederick Oakeley, Ryan Taubert, John Francis Wade]

December 14 & 15, 2013

“Hark The Herald Angels Sing” (E) [Felix Mendelssohn, Charles Wesley, arr. by Bill Horn]
“Hosanna” (E) [Brooke Ligertwood]
“Your Great Name” (Bb) [Micheal Neale, Krissy Nordhoff]
“Jesus Messiah” (G) [Daniel Carson, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash, Chris Tomlin]
“O Holy Night” (C) [Adolphe Charles Adam, Placide Cappeau, John S. Dwight]

December 21 & 22, 2013

“Angels From The Realms Of Glory” (Bb) [James Montgomery, Henry Thomas Smart, arr. by Bill Horn]
“Everlasting God” (Bb) [Brenton Brown, Ken Riley]
“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” (Em) [Henry Sloane Coffin, Thomas Helmore, John Mason Neale]
“You Have Overcome” (A) [Bill Horn, Erik Oldberg]
“Rejoice” (Bb) [Dustin Kensrue, Stuart Townend]

Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013

“Joy To The World” (C) [George Friedrich Handel, Isaac Watts, arr. by Bill Horn]
“Go Tell It On The Mountain” (D) [John W. Work]
“O Come Let Us Adore Him” (D) [Matt Crocker, Autumn Hardman, C. Frederick Oakeley, Ryan Taubert, John Francis Wade]
“What Child Is This” (Em) [William Chatterton Dix, arr. by Bill Horn]
“Silent Night” (G) [Franz Xaver Gruber, Joseph Mohr, John Freeman Young]

This week we began our celebration of Advent and our new series, “Simple Christmas.” Pastor Joe Hishmeh shared about God’s plan of redemption for us, and how the only way for us to receive this redemption is to step down from our pride and trust in the finished work of Christ. It was a great way to begin Advent. You can listen to or watch the entire message and service here.

Here’s our service plan from this weekend:

“Joy To The World” (C) [Isaac Watts, arr. by Bill Horn]
“Salvation’s Chorus” (G) [Todd Fields]
Greeting Time/Announcements
Message – “Simple Plan” [Joe Hishmeh]
“Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am)” (C) [Charlotte Elliot, Brenton Brown]
“In Christ Alone” (E) [Keith Getty, Stuart Townend, arr. by Bill Horn]

“Here I Am To Worship” (E) [Tim Hughes]
“Cannons” (chorus only) (E) [Phil Wickham]

Thoughts: This was a great weekend. Joe’s message was a powerful to trust completely in the work of Christ and to step down from our pride that He might be more exalted in our lives. The band did a great job this weekend, too. I threw a lot at them, with some new songs and some old songs done in new ways. We introduced Todd Fields’ (of North Point) “Salvation’s Chorus” to our church this weekend, which is a song that I have wanted to teach for a while. It is a great song for celebrating our redemption in Christ. Also, we introduced Brenton Brown’s update of “Just As I Am,” entitled “Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am),” which is a beautiful song for communion. Cindy Gular helped lead this one, and it was a great moment. From there, we introduced my new arrangement of “In Christ Alone.” The team did a great job of developing their parts, and I was pretty happy with the results. I look forward to singing this arrangement again soon with the church. I simply love the words of this song. All in all, it was a great weekend. The church was singing pretty well, and I loved some of the creativity the team showed this weekend. I love my church and my team! It is such a blessing to serve here.

What were your thoughts or experiences on your worship experience this weekend?

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This weekend, we finished our Advent series with a message entitled, “God In Us.” In it, Joe shared about how God is closer to us than anyone because He is in us. He is “God with us” in a way that would have never imagined before Christ came. Christ’s finished work on the cross for us has made this possible. We have inestimable blessings that come from God’s immanence within us. You can listen to the entire message here.

Here’s our service plan from this weekend:

Carol Singing Pre-Service
“Away In A Manger” (E) [Unknown, Charles H. Gabriel, James R. Murray]
“Hark The Herald Angels Sing” (E) [Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, Felix Mendelssohn]
“Angels We Have Heard On High” (F) [Unknown French Poet, translated by James Chadwick]
“Angels From The Realms Of Glory” (Bb) [James Montgomery, Henry Smart]
Welcome/Announcements/Greeting Time
“Joy To The World” (C) [Isaac Watts]
“O Come Let Us Adore Him” (D) [John Francis Wade, C. Frederick Oakeley, Matt Crocker, Autumn Hardman, Ryan Taubert]
“What Child Is This” (Em) [William Chatterton Dix]
“Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” (G) [Ed Cash and Chris Tomlin]
Message – “God In Us” [Joe Hishmeh]
“Silent Night” (A) [Joseph Mohr, Franz Zaver Gruber, translated by John Freeman Young]

(Because this weekend is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I will not be doing an elaborate recap, but I wanted to point out one song in particular, because it was a fresh element to our Christmas services this year, and I really enjoy it.)

“O Come Let Us Adore Him” – This song comes from Hillsong’s new Christmas album, Born Is The King. It builds on the classic Christmas hymn, “O Come All Ye Faithful,” adding a powerful chorus that sings, “O come all ye faithful/ Come let us adore Him.” The entire album has a very unique feel for Hillsong, being more folky and organic sounding. This song is no exception, and has a really cool energy about it, which makes it really fun to sing together. I really encourage you to check it out if you haven’t heard it yet.

I am so grateful that my family is back for this weekend of worshiping our God together. They were in southern Illinois for the past 2 1/2 weeks helping my mother-in-law for some post-surgery recovery. I missed them like crazy!

I am also very grateful for the opportunity to worship and work with my friends here at Fellowship Bible Church. My life is enriched by our worship team, and especially our worship staff. Erik Oldberg, Wyatt Johnston, Sarah Oldberg, Jack Hishmeh, and Dennis Brinkman did an awesome job with the weekend, serving in the band or on the tech.arts team, and sacrificing some time and rest with family in order to serve the Church.

Advent has been a truly special time for me this year, despite some unique challenges. God is so faithful, and I am a blessed man. I hope you had a great weekend of worship wherever you were.

In the Son,

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This weekend, we continued our Advent series with a message entitled, “God With Us.” He made comparisons between life with Christ and what life would be without Christ, and it was really powerful to see the two lists side-by-side. You can listen to the entire message here. We continued to try something different with our service order to change things up, and we moved the message up a few minutes earlier in the service to have two songs in response to the message, rather than our typical one song in that position. All of us on our worship planning team believes that these kinds of changes help us and our congregation to engage and to not be passive in worship.

Here’s our service plan from this weekend:

Time of Preparation/Prayer
“Lord I Need You” (B) [Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, Matt Maher, Daniel Carson]
Welcome/Greeting Time
“Joy To The World” (C) [Isaac Watts]
“Joyful (The One Who Saves)” (C) [Brenton Brown, Jason Ingram, Henry van Dyke, Ludwig van Beethoven]
“A Mighty Fortress” [Christy Nockels, Nathan Nockels]
Message – “God With Us” [Joe Hishmeh]
“Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” (Bb) [Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash]
“You Never Let Go” (Bb) [Matt Redman, Beth Redman]

“Lord I Need You” – We sang this song in our preparation time. This is the second time we have sung this song, and I think it will become a staple for our church. I think it resonates with each of us. It communicates a timeless truth in a fresh way, and helps us express our dependence on the Lord for everything. I’m a big fan of this song.

“Joy To The World” – We sang this oldie but goodie to kick off our services. My arrangement of it is kind pop/punk-ish, so it is fun to play and sing together. The melody is unchanged, so everyone can sing along easily. This song just makes people smile. The content of it is solid, and really declares some of what Christ’s first coming accomplished in this world. He changed everything with His coming.

“Joyful (The One Who Saves)” – We continued teaching this song to our congregation this week. I decided to drop this song a full step to the key of C this week, to make it a little easier for our congregation to sing, especially on Sunday morning at the early service. I think it was much easier for all of us to sing. Becky and I traded off verses on this one, and I think this is something we will continue to do, because I think it helps draw both the ladies and the men into what we are singing together. I really like this song, and I like how it fits into the Advent season.

“A Mighty Fortress” – Becky led us on this song, and it is one of my favorite declarations about the assurance and refuge we have in God. He is faithful, trustworthy, and true, and we can confidently place our lives in His hands. Our church sings this song well, even after only a few occurrences in our services. Part of the emphasis I was going for here was to point to the trustworthiness and love of God for us, and when He is called “God with us,” we can walk with Him in faith, because He will never fail, and His purposes are not thwarted.

“Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” – We began our response song with this song, which was new to me this week. I really like the message of the verses, which speak to the time of waiting and anticipation before the Messiah arrived. I also enjoy the chorus as a whole, which simply and beautifully sings of the first coming of Jesus: “Emmanuel, Emmanuel/ God incarnate, here to dwell/ Emmanuel, Emmanuel/ Praise His name, Emmanuel.” There are a few parts of this song that are a little tricky for one reason or another, so I had to work pretty hard to try and get it right, but I’m glad we sang it together this weekend.

“You Never Let Go” – We closed out our services with this song, which remains one of my favorites. Part of the imagery Joe used in the message was the dominant scriptural image of the Good Shepherd. This song pulls ideas from one of the most prominent pictures of the Shepherd contained in Psalm 23, and I think it helped to tie everything together really well. I love this song’s statements of trust and faith in God, regardless of our circumstances. Jesus is worthy of our trust and faith. He will never fail, and He will never let us go.

This was a unique and refreshing weekend of worshiping our Savior together. Our team did a great job as always. I love celebrating Advent with the Church. It’s a beautiful thing.

I hope you had a great weekend of worship wherever you were.

In the Son,


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