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This weekend, our lead pastor, Joe Hishmeh, shared the the fourth message in our series, “Positive Identity,” where he taught how we are secure in Christ. He reminded us that we have nothing to fear any longer in Christ, because in place of condemnation, desperation, and separation, Jesus gives us faith, hope, and love. It was a moving reminder of Christ’s love for us and of where we now stand because of Him! You can listen to or watch the entire message and service here.

Here’s our service plan from this weekend:

“The Solid Rock” (E) [Edward Mote, William B. Bradbury, Charlie Hall, Trent Austin, Kendall Combs]
“I Stand Amazed” (E) [Charles Hutchison Gabriel]
Greeting Time/Announcements
Message – “Positive Identity: Secure” [Joe Hishmeh]
“Jesus Messiah” (A) [Daniel Carson, Ed Cash, Jesse Reeves, Chris Tomlin]
“Forever Reign” (A) [Jason Ingram, Reuben Morgan]
“This Is Amazing Grace” (A) [Phil Wickham, Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle, recorded by Phil Wickham and Bethel Live]


Thoughts: It was great to be back with our church this weekend after being gone last weekend.

For our singing this weekend, we tried to focus on the finished work and all-sufficiency of Christ for us. “The Solid Rock” celebrates our firm foundation in Jesus. “I Stand Amazed,” “Jesus Messiah,” and “This Is Amazing Grace” all remember and praise Jesus’ incredible, unfailing, and live-giving love for us, demonstrated at the cross. And “Forever Reign” worship Jesus for His perfect love and goodness in spite our own shortcomings. All of these songs bring us to one conclusion – Jesus is our only hope!

– Bill

What were your thoughts or experiences from your worship gathering this weekend?

This week our pastor, Joe Hishmeh, shared some biblical wisdom regarding dating relationships, as we continued our series called “Can You Relate?”. In his message, Joe emphasized the importance of seeking wisdom in our relationships and thinking of the big picture of the future rather than only thinking of the presence. It was great, practical wisdom, which is of benefit to all of us, whether we are already married or in dating relationships, because it gives us wise counsel that we can pass on to others. You can listen to or watch the entire message and service here.

For our singing this week, we focused on the holiness and trustworthiness of God. We can trust Him with the people in our lives, as well as their (and our) relationships.

Here’s our service plan from this weekend:

“Holy Is The Lord” (Ab) [Chris Tomlin]
Welcome/Greeting Time
Call To Worship/Confession/Ps. 51:1-2 Reading
“You Alone Can Rescue” (Bb) [Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin]
“Cornerstone” (Bb) [Edward Mote, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan, Eric Liljero, William B. Bradbury]

“Christ Is Risen” (Gb) [Matt Maher, Mia Fieldes]
Taking of the Elements
Reprise of “Christ Is Risen” (Gb)
Message – “Can You Relate? – Dating” [Joe Hishmeh]
“Always” (Bb) [Kristian Stanfill, Jason Ingram]

“Holy Is The Lord” – We sang this song as a foundation for our services, in recognizing the holiness and glory of God. When we see God as He is–high and lifted up and greatly exalted–we see ourselves more clearly as those who are desperate for forgiveness and salvation. God’s holiness and perfection is the foundation for understanding our own sinfulness and our need for salvation. This is a song that we haven’t sung much since I have been here, but it is one that holds a special place in my faith journey, and it was great to hear the church singing together on it.

“You Alone Can Rescue” – After our time of confessing the idols in our lives (the things that we have put stock in for our hope, our peace, our trust, etc.), we read Psalm 51:1-2. Then, we sang this song, expressing our confidence in Christ alone for our life and salvation. He is the only one who can heal us, help us, restore us, rescue us, and give us life. His is the only name in which we can trust without fear.

“Cornerstone”  We have been teaching this song to our congregation over the past few weeks, and I think it is taking root here. As I have written before, I love the lyric of “On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand,” and how it expresses confidence and hope in the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf. I love singing this together with the Church.

“Christ Is Risen” – This was our communion song this week, and I thought it tied everything from this weekend together. It called us away from sin and toward Christ. It called us to trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross. It called us to hope in His resurrection from the dead. It reminded us of His victory over sin, death, and hell. It called us to life. We haven’t sung this since Easter, and it was good to sing it together again. I love this one.

“Always” – This is another that we haven’t sung in a while (April). I love how this song calls us to courage and confidence in Christ, recognizing that He alone is our hope and salvation. We can trust Him with our lives, with our broken relationships, with our conflicts, with our hurts, knowing that He can heal us and rescue us. This song says it so well. “I lift my eyes up/ My help comes from the Lord.”

This weekend was a solid weekend. We made a few changes mid-stream, which caused some interesting moments, but overall it was a great time of worshiping together. The team did a great job adapting and leading our congregation well. It seems like it has been a while since we’ve had a “regular” weekend of worship, and it was refreshing to get back to leading with the full team again. I loved how well all the songs connected this week. Glory to God for His direction.

I hope you had a great weekend of worship wherever you were!

What were your thoughts or experiences from this weekend in your church?

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This week our pastor, Joe Hishmeh, shared some biblical wisdom regarding friendship, as we began a new series called “Can You Relate?”. He emphasized the importance of having true, deep friendships in following the Lord. We need people we can trust with all our lives. As he said during the message, “Deep friendships are enduring,” and “I need to be what I want to see in others.” The areas where Joe pointed our focus were availability, acceptance, awareness, affirmation, and appreciation. It was a powerful challenge, especially for someone who leans toward being a “loner” like I do. You can listen to or watch the entire message and service here.

For our singing this week, we focused mostly on songs that emphasized the solid foundation and constant presence of Christ with us. He never changes, He never fails, and He never leaves us. He is a shelter and a refuge, and we can trust in Him.

Here’s our service plan from this weekend:

Pre-Service – “Beautiful Things” (D) [Michael Gungor, Lisa Gungor]
“Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)” (G) [Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown]

Welcome/Greeting Time

“Cornerstone” (Bb) [Edward Mote, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan, Eric Liljero, William B. Bradbury]
Time of Confession
“God Is Able” (Bb) [Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding]
“Your Name” (Bb) [Paul Baloche, Glenn Packiam]
Message – “Can You Relate? – Friends” [Joe Hishmeh]
Offering/Response Time
“Forever Reign” (Ab) [Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram]


“Beautiful Things” – We sang this song during the countdown time this weekend. I have wanted to do it for a long time, and it finally worked out and fit well. I love the lyric of this song, as it reminds us that despite the brokenness and sin in our lives and our world, Jesus makes things new and can make beautiful things from the mess. He is the one who can restore and recreate us. This song is written by Gungor, which is an amazingly talented and creative band. They use varying textures and stylings throughout their catalog of music, and it is always an enjoyable listen. If you haven’t heard them, check them out (“Dry Bones” is probably my favorite song of theirs – it’s AMAZING).

“Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)” – This is one of our church’s favorite songs, and it is a great song to use towards the beginning of a service, as it is a call to worship and to opening our lives to the direction of the Lord. We can trust Him and give Him our lives without fear, because He is faithful and able, and in Him there is hope and promise.

“Cornerstone” – This song is fairly new to our congregation (our NextGen worship director, Erik Oldberg, introduced it last week during our family worship weekend). I had first heard this song before Easter this year, but it had fallen off my radar, and I’m glad Erik brought it back up after the new Hillsong Live release. I really appreciate how this song uses a beautiful and powerful lyric, and gives it a fresh take for a younger generation. In my opinion, “On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand” is one of the greatest hymns (remember that a “hymn” is basically a metered poem of praise to God that was usually set to music at a later time) ever penned. It inspires our confidence in the finished work of Christ alone, and that is the type of thing we need to sing continually, because we tend to drift toward confidence in what we do/have done and toward independence rather than dependence on Christ. I have had this song stuck in my head all week. I look forward to continuing to sing it together with our church.

“God Is Able”  After a time where we confessed sin–things that come between us and the Lord or between us and the people around us–we sang this song and trusted in the Lord’s finished work for us, and in His unfailing love and presence with us. He is with us, He is for us, and He is on our side.

“Your Name” – We haven’t sung this song in a long time (I’m not sure I have even sung it here with Fellowship), but with the subject matter, Sarah singing with us, and the cello, it was a perfect fit. I have always enjoyed this song. It is simple, but once again, it points our confidence to Jesus Christ as our “strong and mighty tower,” “a shelter like no other,” and the only one who has the power to save.

“Forever Reign” – We responded to the message with this song, which sings of the perfect attributes of God, compared with our failings and weaknesses. It is one of our congregation’s favorite songs, and it has become one of mine as well. The bridge is a great moment of dedication: “My heart will sing/ No other name/ Jesus, Jesus.” Before we sang, we committed to opening our lives up to others in one of the areas that Joe spoke about during the message. Then we turned to look to Christ and to commit ourselves to Him, who is the only one who can truly transform us.

This weekend was really simple and enjoyable, because we used a purely acoustic band. Erik and Sarah Oldberg led with me, and we also had a first-time cellist, Laramie Hulse, playing with us. She did a great job for her first time playing with us and getting used to the way we do things, and I’m looking forward to having her play with the team again in the near future. I have to confess that cello is probably my favorite instrument (aside from guitar), because of its powerful warmth and range. If I could find the time to learn another instrument, that would be the one.

We didn’t use our in-ear monitoring system this weekend, and instead switched to floor monitors, and it was nice to hear the congregation singing out in the open. The accuracy and clarity of in-ears forces us to sacrifice a little in the way of hearing the congregation as clearly, while using floor monitors forces us to sacrifice a little in clarity and accuracy. For that reason, it’s not always the best for our team to use wedges, but this week was a perfect week to do it.

I hope you had a great weekend of worship wherever you were!

What were your thoughts or experiences from this weekend in your church?


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This weekend, we continued our Romans series, focusing on Romans 9:30 – 10:4. In his message, Joe preached about God’s sovereignty, and how we need to be zealous for the things that last and the things that matter. Ultimately, those things are God, His Word, and people. It is easy to lose sight of those things, and to get caught up in things that don’t last and don’t matter. One of those things is our own attempts at making ourselves righteous before God, which we really cannot do. We cannot justify ourselves on our own merit. We need the redemption that is only found in the finished work of Jesus Christ. You can listen to the entire message here.

Here’s our service plan from this weekend:

“The Solid Rock” (E) [Trent Austin, William B. Bradbury, Kendall Combs, Charlie Hall, Edward Mote]
Welcome/Greeting Time
Call To Worship
“Nothing But The Blood” (D) [Robert Lowry, with additional bridge by Andy Cherry]
“Happy Day” (Bb) [Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon]

“You Alone Can Rescue” (Bb) [Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin]

“Rock Of Ages” (Bb) [Thomas Hastings, Augustus M. Toplady]
Time of Reflection/Prayer
Message – “Romans 9:30 – 10:4” [Joe Hishmeh]


“The Solid Rock”
– We sang this modern arrangement of a timeless hymn as our opening song this weekend, to point to the only solid foundation we can have for our eternal life – Jesus Christ. It is only in His complete and finished work on the cross that we have salvation and hope for eternity. We can depend on nothing else. The gospel is Jesus plus nothing. We are completely incapable of saving ourselves. Jesus is the only way of salvation for us. As this great hymn says in the chorus, “all other ground is sinking sand.”

“Nothing But The Blood” – This is another modern hymn arrangement, done by a newer artist, Andy Cherry. He was one of the worship leaders at the Re:Create Conference I attended a few weeks ago in Nashville, and his label shared a pre-release album with all of us. This was one of the songs we sang with him while we were at the conference, and I loved how his treatment of the song really captured the power and confidence of the lyric, along with a great added chorus, which sings, “The blood of Jesus is enough for me/ Oh, the blood of Jesus is enough.” You can hear his rendition of this song streaming on his website. I really encourage you to pick up his whole album when it is released in March. It was produced by Jason Ingram, and many of the songs were co-written by Ingram. I’m really enjoying it!

“Happy Day” – This song is a staple for our church, and it was a great fit for the subject matter of this weekend, as we declare that it is Jesus alone who saves us and rescues us from sin and death. We had no hope apart from Him, so there is great cause for celebration because of what He has done for us. We have been made alive together with Christ!

“You Alone Can Rescue” – We sang this song this weekend because it states the major truth of this weekend simply and clearly: Jesus alone can rescue us. There is no other way for us to be saved, nor is there any other way to eternal life. He is our salvation and our hope, and we cannot save ourselves. There is great freedom in declaring this truth together, because it frees us from the delusion that we can do anything to affect our eternal destination; it is only because of Jesus that we have life.

“Rock of Ages” – When I first heard Ascend The Hill’s rendition of this song on their hymns album (Take The World, But Give Me Jesus), I was incredibly moved. It is such a desperate cry of dependence on the finished work of Christ for us. I think the lyric and the melody do a good job of communicating that desperation and hopelessness apart from Christ’s death on the cross in our place. What a beautiful song! Other than my guitar going really out of tune on this song during the last service, it went really well. We had a time of quiet reflection after this song, where we confessed areas of our life where we weren’t trusting God, and where we’ve tried to find our hope and joy in things other than Him. He is our only source of true hope, joy, and peace. We need to depend on Him and trust Him fully, because He will not disappoint our hope in Him.

This weekend was a good weekend overall. We tried some different things with our service order, in order to try and simplify the flow of our services: we set up a countdown at the beginning of the services that included some key memory verses from our study through the book of Romans; we took out the response song and moved that time earlier in our service; and we also moved a song to the start of the time as a definitive start to each of the services. We had been doing a “Time of Preparation” prior to our services, with the hopes that people would take advantage of that time to prepare their hearts for meeting with the Lord together and to have some quiet time after the hustle of getting themselves and their families to the service. What we found, however, was that it served to muddy the actual “start time” of our services, and people were actually showing up later, not earlier. Regardless, I am in favor of occasionally changing things around in order for us not to become too attached to any kind of order or flow of a service. We often tend to pay less attention to things when we think we know what is coming next.

I am thankful for the opportunities we had this weekend to glorify our Savior. I am so grateful for the sacrifice He made for us, and for how He has rescued us. He is worthy of all praise and honor and glory, with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He is good.

I hope you had a great weekend of worship wherever you were!

In the Son,

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